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What are the lawyer fees or cost for Contested Divorce in Singapore?


Usually most divorce lawyers in Singapore would not fix the fees for contested divorce where both parties are not able to reach an agreement or the case are complex.

The standard practice is to bill on an hourly basis based on the experience of the lawyer who does the work, time spent on court attendance, mediation meeting in the court negotiating with the other side, drafting court documents as required by the case or making urgent sub applications like interim maintenance, custody, care and control of the child, access for one party to see the child.
Besides the lawyer fees, there are also court filing fees and disbursements (for things like photocopying).

For this kind of contested divorce, you can discuss with your lawyer to give an estimate of the fee structure or a cost budget so as to spend within the budget that you can afford to. Such fee structure or cost budget can range from between $10,000 to $30,000.

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