Deed Poll | Change of Name

Deed Poll | Change of Name | 改名证书

Have you ever wonder how to change your name legally in Singapore?

Are you looking for a Deed Poll Lawyer for change of name in Singapore?


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 About Deed Poll Service

A deed poll is a legal document that expresses an active intention. Deed Poll for change of name, including ethnic name, (if any).  


 How to get Change of Name or Deed Poll done?

  • Mostly importantly, you have to prepare and provide the details of change of name (including chinese name if any) for the Deed Poll. 
    1. Your New Name
    2. Your Old Name
    3. Current NRIC No.
    4. Home Address
  • With the information above,  you make an appointment with Raymond Lim & Co. to come to our office by PHONE CALL (+65-6222 1004) or EMAIL ( or SMS (+65-97607060).
  • Next you can either EMAIL ( or SMS (+65-97607060) the above detail as requested for the Deed Poll (Change of Name) execution.
  • Bring along original NRIC  and scanned copies of your NRIC (front and back) before your appointment to shorten the process.  But you can still fill up the form and send in your documents on the day itself of the appointment.
  • During the appointment day, you'll be asked to sign the deed poll in the presence of our lawyer. Raymond Lim.


How long will it take?

It should take less than 24 hours from the time you submit the following requested information below via EMAIL ( or SMS (+65-9760 7060) to Raymond Lim & Co. to allow us to prepare the Deed Poll for you sign at our office during the appointment date with our Deed Poll lawyer, Raymond Lim.

  1. Your New Name
  2. Your Old Name
  3. Current NRIC No.
  4. Home Address

if you have submitted the requested documents abovementioned prior to your appointment date with our lawyer, Raymond Lim.


How much does it cost?

Our Deed Poll rate is S$90.


What do I have to do next?

  • After the Deed Poll is completed, you have to make an appointment and register or update your new name at ICA (Immigration and Check Point Authority Singapore) and to get a new NRIC.
  • At the same time, you have inform the employer, banks, telcos and others regarding your new change of name in your new NRIC.