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Are You Filing for Divorce or Separation in Singapore? 

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Divorce in Singapore is never easy but Raymond & Co. will try to put you at ease with his knowledge and experience of all types of divorce cases.  You will know that your interests will be always well taken care of.

离婚在新加坡是不容易的,但是 Raymond & Co会尽量让你安心,对所有类型的离婚案件的知识和经验,你会知道你的利益将永被照顾。

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About Raymond Lim & Co.

Raymond Lim & Co. values Quality, Speed & Cost Innovation. Raymond & Co. will help you to find a speedy resolution of your Divorce case so that you will remember him as an effective Divorce Lawyer in Singapore.

Raymond Lim & Co. is guided by the famous Sun Tzu Art of War principles in acting on your matter and these principles are:

  • Shorten Conflicts with Minimal Damages
  • Avoid Prolong Conflicts
  • Subdues the Conflict without Fighting

About Raymond Lim & Co.'s Mission

Raymond Lim & Co. aims to be one of the few Divorce Lawyers in Singapore that will try to provide Reliable Quality Services but Low & Affordable fees to solve your problems. If you are in Need of a Reliable Divorce Lawyer in Singapore now then CALL us or EMAIL us or FILL up the Enquiry Form or TALK to Raymond Lim & Co. We always aim to devise the right strategy to help you to achieve an amicable & quick solution to your divorce law problem.

About Raymond Lim's Background 

Raymond Lim himself has been a Singapore Dedicated Divorce Lawyer (http://www.dedicateddivorcelawyer.com.sg) for more than 15 years. He has been practising Divorce Law and for that reason, you can count on his help with his vast professional experience in this field. Top of that, Raymond Lim is an Advocates & Solicitors and  Commissioner for Oaths too.

Besides Divorce Law, Raymond Lim has been exposed to all sorts of many Legal Cases like Divorce Matter, Criminal Litigation, Investigation of Claims Matter, Civil Litigation, Drafting of Contractual Agreements, Debts Claim, Landlord and Tenant Disputes, Traffic and Industrial Accidents, Bankruptcy Cases and Company Disputes.

He graduates from the University of London with a law honours degree. With an ambition to provide professional, reasonable and affordable legal services that can be customised to the needs of people from different races and religions and all walks of life in Singapore, he started Raymond Lim & Co.

Apart from his legal experiences , Raymond has previously worked as a Police Officer in the Singapore Police Force where he has direct experience in criminal investigation and police procedure matters before he became a lawyer. He has also ever worked in the former Trade Development Board as a trade investigator in custom – related offences and drafting of general contracts.

In his free time, Raymond is involved in voluntary work in giving advise to religious and spiritual organisation as he is deeply interested in spiritual philosophy, psychology and alternative healing studies. He hopes to help people in distress to find joy, peace and happiness within themselves. He sits as legal advisers in many Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu religious organisations.