Consent & Uncontested Divorce Cases


Consent & Uncontested Divorce Cases



Are you currently facing marital problems with your spouse and you have already tried very hard to salvage the marriage with the other side. However, both of you are still not able to reach a solution to resolve your marital differences with the other side. Usually it is advisable for you to invite the other side to consider engaging a marriage counsellor to help each other to reconcile the marital differences and avoid a divorce as divorce can be a traumatising experience.

However, if after having exhausted the many avenues to try to reconcile the differences with the other side and both side realise that it is impossible to carry on living together, then sometimes it is not a bad thing to consider divorce as an option to free each other from an unhappy marriage so that both sides can move on with their lives and be friends to work together on other issues after the divorce especially if both parties already have children in the marriage.

If you are embarking on filing divorce proceeding to dissolve the unhappy marriage with your spouse, it is advisable firstly to consider the following :
a) whether you can discuss with the other spouse to work out amicable prior settlement to achieve an uncontested divorce or consent divorce before one party proceeds to engage a lawyer to prepare the necessary court papers to file the divorce proceeding with the Singapore Family Justice Court.

b) Or if you are facing the other spouse who is unwilling or hostile to even have a prior discussion on the issues involving the care arrangement of the children, the financial issues of maintenance and division of matrimonial assets acquired by both parties from the time of marriage which invariable means that your divorce case is likely to become an contested divorce case.

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